Regular Meetup: Mesos, Kubernetes & Microservices
2017-02-14 10:00
2017-02-14 15:00
Google's HQ - Emilii Plater 53, Warsaw
Tomek J.
2017-02-14 10:00

It will be the sixth regular Kubernetes & Mesos User Group Warsaw meetup. 

Location: Google's HQ - Emilii Plater 53, Warsaw

room number: information at the Reception Desk

Our speakers will be:  

1. Łukasz Łuczaj: OpenShift - from Kubernetes to enterprise

In this days container orchestration tools are getting more and more popular. Kubernetes is one of the leaders in this race but many people ask the question - is it really an enterprise-ready solution ? Some of them may think it's not and this is why they brought us their own enterprise Kubernetes solution - Openshift. In this talk we will discuss what are the benefits (and drawbacks) of using Openshift instead of standalone Kubernetes. 

2. Cezary Łada & Tomasz Sokołowski : Starting a work in a company with microservices architecture vs monolith

DevOps movement has gained a lot of momentum throughout last years. So much actually, that sometimes it looks like we - software developers, whose environment seemed to be most dynamic (and it very much is all the time) - need to keep up. And we do! If we want to make the most of our software and underlying infrastructure. But this is not something new. Devs and Ops were always - at least in healthy organizations - cooperating closely in order to achieve the best results possible. Motivating each other and keeping each other in check. The naming of this phenomenon was different. The goals remain the same. Make the best of what we can do together - right here, right now. And now, we have new means of achieving this. Modern architectures, modern tools, messaging patterns, protocols, languages, automation solutions. You name it! It's all there, waiting to be used and abused! :) And the ultimate goal is to make great, reliable, available and business-wise software! Let's explore what we can do in order to make this happen with Microservices and Mesos. 

3. Filip Grzadkowski (Google):  Autoscaling in Kubernetes

How many replicas do I need to serve my app? How big my cluster should be? How to make sure that the bill for compute resources is minimal while still be ready to serve all the traffic that can come? 

This kind of questions bother most of the application owners or cluster administrators. This demo session will show how to forget about such problems. We will do a deep dive into the mysterious of autoscaling in kubernetes and show how it can simplify life of kubernetes users. 

Doors open at 18:00, talks start at 18:30, about 22:00 we move to a pub. We are ready to host 100 folk in the room so there may be plenty of people to discuss Mesos and Kubernetes related questions with!  

Please remember to unRSVP if you realize you can't make it - it will help a lot for our crew.

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18:00 - 18:30 - Doors open

18:30 - 18:35 - Introduction

18:35 - 19:15 - First Talk 

19:15 - 19:45 - Second Talk 

19:45 - 20:30 - Third Talk 

20:30 - 24:00 - After Party !!! 

PS1: default language is English, but there may be some exceptions from the rule 

PS2: direct contact with organizers: [masked] 

See you !